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A Long Journey


19346656_cover A Long Journey

A Long Journey is the true story of how a seven-year-old girl and her doll survived the Holocaust. Justin relates her childhood experience through the eyes of her doll Giesela. 

Historical non-fiction offers children the opportunity to digest and make sense of world events. Oma’s stories give us hope for a world of kindness and love. 

Renate Justin

“Not to know what happened before you were born is to be forever a child. For what is a man’s life if it is not linked with the life of future generations by memories of the past?”--Cicero, Ad M. Brutum (46 BCE).

Available at Bookbar in Denver; Wolverine Farm BookstoreAl’s Newstand and The Eclectic Reader in Ft Collins and The Book Cellar in Louisville for $10. 

Available at Price: $14.95