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Nothing but a Song



Rebecca Kendall has a life any nineteen-year-old would envy: musical talent, love, romance, and a promising future. When a tragic accident erases her past, present, and future, Rebecca’s life turns into turmoil and irreconcilable loss. Becca faces her new life alone, angry, depressed, and DEAF.

“Rebecca’s been home for one week, and she’s done nothing but mope around. Mary, she can’t handle it.”

“...But what can we do?”

“She won’t even talk to the doctors. The psychiatrist says she just sits in his office and stares at him or out the window. It’s like she’s completely shut down. I feel so hopeless. We have to do something.”

Becca wants nothing but a song, but will her dream survive such insurmountable odds? Will she ever take another chance at love?

Only a mysterious stranger can answer those questions.

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