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Fuzztastic is Fantastic

Fuzztastic is Fantastic

Our cat, Fuzztastic is a special cat. He is the perfect cat to watch when you need inspiration for a strange animal’s antics. He is a very sweet cat. He tends not to scratch often, which can be a rarity in cats. He has some unusual habits as well. Just like a dog, he answers when you call him. If you call him to come to you, he usually does. He also likes to leave tons of fuzz all over the house. I am not sure whether this is intentional or not, but you can tell where his favorite hiding spots are. I am constantly picking the clumps up, but it seems he has a never-ending source of clumps—so much so, that you would think he’d be bald with the amount of hair you find scattered like dandelion puffs all over the house.


He also astounded us with being particular with certain things, such as where he went potty. At one time, we were living in a home that had a cat door and he would go outside all day and then cry to come in during the evenings. It took him about a month to figure out that he could come back in the same way he left. Fuzztastic also did not like going to the bathroom outside; he kept his litterbox full and my daughter busy cleaning it daily. We have discovered, however, that Fuzztastic prefers to stay in the house. He seemed overwhelmed every time he did go outside. He also did not run away when we went to pick him up and bring him inside.


Fuzztastic also understands the word “no.” If you tell him “no” to something, he may meow back to you in protest, but he eventually stops the offensive behavior as long as you reiterate that he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing. Because of his behavior, I had the idea to model Turtle Monkey’s cat after him. His quirks would easily translate into an interesting pet for her, especially since he is a magical cat in the stories. Exaggeration of these traits readily translated into a very unique and fun character.

The character Fuzztastic, like our cat, is afraid of gas—literally! Fuzztastic does not like loud noises of any kind. He is easily startled by them but does not appear to be afraid of foul stenches. He likes other animals, and when his friend passed away, he became very lonely at night. He finally adjusted, but it was the inspiration for getting him a friend in the series. Hence, the Bride of Fuzztastic was born. Bride is mysterious and has her own quirks. As the series progresses, Fuzztastic and Bride will continue to develop and display new traits.