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A Turtle Monkey Halloween

Happy Halloween! This is Turtle Monkey’s favorite holiday because she gets to visit her neighbors and pester them for candy. She also loves dressing up. This year, she is going as Twinklenose the clown. She has all the makeup ready and she has practiced putting it on, however, Mama Monkey may have to assist her. She even has the really ugly multicolored jumpsuit because Mama Monkey began sewing the costume for her earlier in the fall. Turtle Monkey had a hard time finding good clown shoes though. This makes her feel sad inside. She wondered how she could have the perfect clown costume without the shoes? Every girl knows, the shoes makes the outfit! Mama Monkey even tried to help, but they had had no luck. Turtle Monkey had been thinking about this for all of October.

The day before Halloween, as Turtle Monkey passed her aunt and uncle's house, she had a great idea. Uncle Titian is a really big monkey. Uncle Titian has really big feet and really big shoes. Turtle Monkey had decided to beg him to let her borrow a pair of his shoes to complete her costume. Uncle Titian was amused and let Turtle Monkey take an old pair of shoes. Turtle Monkey brought the shoes home, then she and Mama Monkey painted them a bright red. Mama Monkey also found a hollowed-out acorn that she also painted red so that Turtle Monkey could have the red clown nose. With her costume ready, now Turtle Monkey can be happy and scare her friends and neighbors too.