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A Turtle Monkey Halloween

Happy Halloween! This is Turtle Monkey’s favorite holiday because she gets to visit her neighbors and pester them for candy. She also loves dressing up. This year, she is going as Twinklenose the clown. She has all the makeup ready and she has practiced putting it on, however, Mama Monkey may have to assist her. …

Fuzztastic is Fantastic

Fuzztastic is Fantastic

Our cat, Fuzztastic is a special cat. He is the perfect cat to watch when you need inspiration for a strange animal’s antics. He is a very sweet cat. He tends not to scratch often, which can be a rarity in cats. He has some unusual habits as well. Just like a dog, he answers when you call him. …

A Funny Thing Happened at The Home Décor Store


One Saturday three years ago, I went shopping with my family. This was just a spur of the moment thing since we weren’t shopping for anything we needed—or so we thought. There were no omens to indicate that this would be the day that I discovered one of my muses. As we walked through this popular home décor store, my daughter found this unusual green monkey that was hidden deep in one of the many display baskets. …