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Jo Fontana  

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 Jo Fontana likes to ride her bike, write, and draw in her spare time when she isn’t working. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her daughter, their cat Fuzztastic, and her anthropomorphic child Turtle Monkey. Every day is an energetic, “fuzztastic” train of events. With Turtle Monkey at the head of the train, who knows what’s going to happen next?  Ask the author about her inspiration for Turtle Monkey.  Check out the complete series here. Click here for a Q & A with Jo. 

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Meet Turtle Monkey

Turtle Monkey and her mom are the only green monkeys in the village. They used to be brown, but they don’t remember how they became green. Turtle Monkey and Mama Monkey like being green because it is easier to blend into the forest. Turtle Monkey also has a lot of gas. Turtle Monkey is mischievous, and this gets her into many awkward situations in which she has to think and talk her way out of. There are certain situations that Turtle Monkey cannot talk her way out of and the results are hilarious.


Turtle Monkey has a cat named Fuzztastic that she received as a present from Monkey Claus on Yule. Fuzztastic is orange and fuzzy and also has lots of gas—but he is afraid of it! She also has another cat named Bride—that is short for Bride of Fuzztastic. Bride is black and fuzzy and ignores farts. Turtle Monkey found her the following spring after she received Fuzztastic because he was lonely and needed a friend. Turtle Monkey also has two pet spiders: Miss Spider and Kung Fu Spider. She recently found two frogs  she named Croaky and Ribbit; they live in a bowl on her dresser.


Turtle Monkey’s grandparents live at the beach, and they come to visit them on holidays. Her Uncle Red also lives farther away. Turtle Monkey’s Aunt Alia and Uncle Doug live just down the street. Turtle Monkey is happy about this because there is someone else to pester for food and attention other than her Mama. Their house is also a good place to hide when Mama Monkey is cranky.


Turtle Monkey spends most of her time outside with her friends when she isn't in school. If her friends are not around to play with, she hunts for fairies and spiders. She also likes to get muddy and pretend she is brown again. Turtle Monkey was pleased that she had made friends so quickly when she and her mother moved to their new village. The first friend she met was Coco Monkey. Coco Monkey and her mom, Sienna Monkey, welcomed Turtle Monkey and Mama Monkey to the neighborhood with a nice banana cake.


Turtle Monkey met two more friends at school. She was surprised to find out that she could get along with the boys. She met Cappy Monkey and Squirrelly Monkey at school, but it helped that they were already friends with Coco Monkey. Turtle Monkey tends to get into some trouble at school, and on some days you can find her sitting out in the hall. Turtle Monkey thinks Mr. Howler is too strict. How is she going to learn if he keeps telling her to be quiet?


Coco Monkey also warned her about Little Ape. Turtle Monkey was disappointed to learn that she had Little Ape in her class at school. When they are not in school, Turtle Monkey, Coco Monkey, Cappy Monkey, and Squirrelly Monkey hide in the forest when Little Ape and his friend, Orangutan, are outside.

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